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Microsoft Word is one of the most useful products from Microsoft that makes our daily work very easy. You will not have to do this manually and a whole lot of time will be saved when you can sort the contents with the features present in Microsoft Word. In order to support this, there are many useful features available, one of which is arranging the contents in the alphabetical order.

You can create the list with bullets or numbers in either the ascending or descending order. If you need support on the different features in Microsoft Word, you can get Microsoft tech support from the official website.

Instructions To Arrange In The Ascending Order

  • Launch the Microsoft Word application.
  • Now to open the File that you want to edit, click on the File option to the upper left of the window and from the consequent menu, click on the option labeled Open.
  • From the file that you opened, Select all the paragraphs that you want to put in the alphabetical order.
  • Now click on the Home tab and click on the Bulleted-Listing or the Numbered-Listing Icon, which is present in the Paragraph group. You will have to wait until Microsoft Word turns the selected text into a list with bullets or with the numbers.
  • Now you will have to Highlight or select all the text in the list. From the paragraph group you will have select Sort, which is in the Home tab.
  • Now click on the Paragraph option and then click on Text, later select option that says Sort Text dialogue box under the heading Sort By.

    Useful Feature

    Microsoft Word Help

  • In order to arrange the contents in the Alphabetical order, click on the option Ascending. To arrange the content in the reverse alphabetical order, you will have to click on the option Descending.

People who create presentations or deal with making lists as a part of their job they would require arranging the contents in a particular order. Now with the help of this feature, users will be able to do their jobs ahead of their time and that too accurately. This useful feature is available in almost all the versions of Microsoft Word.

There are other features like paragraph alignment, which aligns the paragraph into a particular format, to the left, right or center. There are many more such features that might be helpful to you, do not forget to check the official website to get further Microsoft tech support.

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Using Remote Desktop Connection With Windows XP

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Windows XP was the most popular operating system in use until Windows 7 was introduced. Even after the introduction of the Windows 7 operating system, Windows XP managed to maintain the second position in the industry. Remote Desktop is a feature found in all Windows operating systems that help the users to gain access to a remote computer. The best thing with the program is that the users will be able to do functions in the computer as if they were sitting in front of the computer. Here we discuss simple instructions to remotely access Windows XP computer from another computer running a Windows operating system.


  • Move the mouse pointer to the left bottom corner of the desktop and then click on the Start menu button found there to open the Start menu. Click on the All Programs tab found in the Start menu.
  • In the extended menu that appears on the screen, you will be able to see the Accessories option, click on it and then on the Remote Desktop Connection option found under it for opening the remote connection wizard.
  • A new window will now appear on the screen, type in the host name or the IP address of the computer to which you would like to connect to in the text box found next to the option labeled as Computer. Make sure that the host name or the IP address is entered correctly, as the connection cannot not be created with faulty data.
  • Now click on the Connect button found in the window for initiating a new Remote Desktop Connection session with the Windows XP computer.

    Remotely Access Windows XP

    Tech Support Instructions

  • Microsoft tech support centre advises you to enter the user name and password for logging in to the Windows XP computer to gain remote access with the computer. You will be granted access only if you type in the correct username and password so be careful while typing in the password.
  • Click on the Ok button for authenticating the account with the remote system to launch the Windows XP virtual environment. With this setting in place, you will be able to get Microsoft tech support by accessing the remote computer easily.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to gain remote access to a Windows XP PC. You will be able to perform all actions on the system as if you were using the system by being physically in the location of the specific computer.

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How To Send Emails Using Microsoft Word?

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Microsoft Word can be defined as an application that can be used to compose, edit, format as well as print a document. Developed by Microsoft, this application is available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. According to the Microsoft tech support team, the advanced options in Word enable the users to send documents to others as email messages or attachments from Word. The best part about this option is that you don’t require opening an email program for sending the email. Another option includes the Mail merge using which you can send out mass email campaigns.

You can use the following instructions to send emails from your Microsoft Word application.

For sending Word documents as email:

  • Sending your Word documents as email to a user is a simple procedure. For this, first, you need to create the document and check it for any errors in spelling, grammar and any other typos.
  • Once you have checked for the errors and corrected them, you need to finalize the document by including more information or graphics to the document.
  • Now, you can save the document before starting the email process. Sending the email involves different methods, depending on the type of the version of Word used.

For sending Word documents as email attachment:

  • If you are using Word 2007, you need to first click on the Office button and then point the mouse pointer to the Send option and then click on Email. Here, you will get an option to send the document as a Word attachment, PDF attachment or XPS attachment.

    Mail Merge

                Microsoft Support For Word

  • Next, you can select the specific attachment type by clicking on it. At any point of time, you can also call up the Microsoft tech support team to get more information on Microsoft Word and the options to send an email from this application.
  • In the next step, you need to type in the required information for the To:, CC:, Bcc: and subject fields.
  • Now, you can enter the message that you’d like to include as the body of the email. Once the email is ready, you can click on the Send option to send the email.

These steps can help you to successfully send emails from your Microsoft Word application without opening another email program. To know more about the features of this word processor, you may contact our technical support team.

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Checking The Browser Version Of Internet Explorer

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Internet Explorer is the default web browser that comes integrated with every Windows operating system. Microsoft updates the program at regular intervals for making the browser fast and safe from malicious attacks. You need to update your web browser for having a faster browsing experience. However before you go for the update, you would need to know the version of the IE browser installed with your computer. Here we describe simple instructions for finding version of IE that you are using.


  • Launch the Internet Explorer web browser by double clicking on the shortcut icon found in the desktop. If the icon is not found on the desktop, look for it under the All Programs section in Start menu and click on it when found.
  • When the application window appears on the screen, look for the Menu bar, usually it is found at the top of the browser window. The main headings included in the Menu bar are, Find, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and Help. However if the menu bar is not activated, then you will not be able to find any of these headings on your browser window. For activating the Menu bar, Microsoft tech support advises that you just need to right click anywhere in the top position of the web browser and select the Menu Bar option from the context menu that appears on the screen.
  • If you can see the Menu bar, click on the Help tab from the drop down options displayed on the screen, click on the Internet Explorer Help tab and then on the Customer Feedback Option tab. For finding the version of the Internet Explorer web browser you are using, Microsoft tech support team advises that you click on the option named as About Internet Explorer displayed on the screen.

    Finding Version Of IE

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  • When you click on the About Internet Explorer option, a new window will appear on the screen displaying details about the web browser. Look for the Windows Internet Explorer logo in the window, when you see the logo, you will be able to see an option labeled as Version:. The first number shown in the field next to the option is the version number of the Internet Explorer you use. Usually the version number will have a set of numbers in the field and it may look like Version: 8.0.6001.18702.IC. In this case, you are using version 8 of Internet Explorer web browser.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to find which version of Internet Explorer you are using with ease.

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