Fixing Error Code 1603 In Excel

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Microsoft Corporation is one of the software giants that have always wondered us with its profusion of products and you might have already tried all the Office applications of Microsoft. The different applications that are included in the Office Suite of Microsoft are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access and others. Among these, Microsoft Excel is the one and only spreadsheet application included in the package.

You can perform all kinds of mathematical operations in it and it is quite easy to add numbers, prepare charts, insert and apply formulas, sort items and a variety of other functions. Microsoft Excel can definitely be considered as a boon for office works because you can save time to a great extent using the same. It is common if you encounter error messages in Excel and if you receive an error code like 1603, it would be most probably during the installation of updates for Microsoft Excel. In order to fix the same, you need to allow full control permission for the system account drive that has the Excel application.

You can follow the instructions given below provided by the Microsoft tech support team for assistance.


  • On your desktop, you can double click the My Computer icon and Right click C: Drive and choose Properties from the menu.
  • Choose Security tab and you need to verify whether you find the system user account is shown in the Group Or User Names box.
  • In the Name field, select the Add button and the System option. Now select the Add button again and click the OK button.

    full control permission

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  • Now in the Permissions section, you need to select the box that you find next to Full Control and select the Advanced option.
  • Choose the checkbox that you find next to Replace Permission Entries On All Child Objects With Entries Shown Here That Apply To Child Objects and ensure that it is selected. Now you can click on the OK button and from now on, you will be able to install Excel updates that you will get from Windows Updater.

The instructions given above are simple enough and following the same will help you to fix the Error Code 1603. Even after following the above instructions, if you receive the same error code, you may contact Microsoft tech support team for assistance and they will help you with your issue.

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Netflix Eager To Work With HTML5

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Microsoft Silverlight

Netflix, a popular online media streaming service provider recently revealed that it would no longer use the Silverlight technology for its video player for HTML5. Though the tech giant has already discontinued the application framework, which was once promoted as an alternative to Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft tech support for Silverlight would end only by 2021. This means that Netflix and others programmers, who employ Silverlight application framework for writing and running internet applications have another 7 years to decide on a better alternative for HTML5.

Reports say that Netflix is looking forward to use HTML5 infrastructure, despite of the fact that HTML does not support many important components that is required by the company. Some of the key gears needed by Netflix include support for generating media streams for playback, a cryptography protocol and, DRM system for online media streaming. All these three factors are crucial for the company to offer uninterrupted service and survive in the field.

Interestingly, the prominence of all the three components mentioned above is conveyed to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and it is assumed that the features would be added in HTML technology before Microsoft completely dumps Silverlight. Netflix requires Media Source Extensions specification, the Web Cryptography API, and the Encrypted Media Extensions specification or Digital Restrictions Management (DRM), to bring its current video player to the new version.

Netflix is currently working with Google to incorporate support for all the three important constituents, which the company refers to as HTML5 Premium Video Extensions, for Chrome web browser as well as Chrome operating system. Experts say that as for now, the latest Netflix player for Samsung’s Chromebook device employs “the Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions to adaptively stream protected content.”

HTML technology

Microsoft support for Silverlight

As Google’s Chrome still lacks appropriate support for the Web Cryptography API, Netflix developers have designed a Pepper Flash plug in to compensate with that shortfall at present. It is further noted that as soon as Chrome is equipped with support for the Cryptography API, Netflix will do away with the Flash element completely.

Speaking on the point, Netflix delegates said in their official blog that they are keen to start testing the new HTML5 video player on Windows and OS X as soon as the specified features are added to it. Let us hope that HTML environment makes the most of the Silverlight framework before Microsoft tech support for the technology ends.

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About The Ms Office Suite Software

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About Microsoft Office Suite

Most of the average Windows users are only familiar with the MS Word and PowerPoint applications in the MS Office suite. Many never use the other applications in the MS Office Suite, like Windows OneNote, Windows Access, Windows Publisher, etc. The MS Office Suite of applications – as the name suggests – are designed to make your office tasks easier.

So, if you were a working professional, getting familiar with all the MS Office applications in the software package would be a good idea, as one of them would come in handy sooner or later. The best place to start would be the Microsoft tech support website online.

About the MS Office Suite of applications

The MS Office suite consists of MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, OneNote, Groove, InfoPath, Outlook, Access, Publisher, etc. The package also includes the MS Office tools like MS Office Picture Manager, Clip Organiser, tools document imaging and scanning, etc. In short, this package takes care of almost all the office document needs.

Also, if you were to buy the MS Office Enterprise edition designed for corporate users, then you would get even more Office applications and tools designed for corporate use. The recent versions of MS Office would include some cloud support tools as well.

Visit the Microsoft tech support website to know about all the applications and tools included in different MS Office versions and additions. Some of the MS Office applications are also available as standalone applications. However, if you are a professional user, then the MS Office suite full version would be less expensive option when compared to purchasing two or three of its applications alone.

About the MS Office Software subscription package

Security Updates

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With the popularity of cloud storage services on the rise among the corporate users, Microsoft has introduced the MS Office software as a subscription service. Many organisations hesitate to upgrade their old software because they do not want this investment to go to waste. The software subscription service avoids this problem.

A firm need not have to invest in purchasing the full version of the software, which would become obsolete in a year or two. Instead, they could just subscribe to the MS Office 365 software subscription package and stop worrying about upgrading the software. This flexibility ensures that they are using the latest software with the latest security updates and cloud support.

So, you have plenty of options to choose from. Get the MS Office suite today itself.

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Fixing A Microsoft Windows XP Shutdown Hang Up

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Microsoft Tech Issues

Windows XP remains one of the most widely used versions of the Windows operating system. Unlike other versions, Windows XP is most preferred by users due to the advanced yet simple and user-friendly features it comprises of. Even most of the IT firms rely on Windows XP and use it as their primary operating system. There is even a dedicated technical support team known as Microsoft tech support, which troubleshoots and fixes the issues related to this OS.

While running your computer on Windows OS, you can experience issues related to the hanging up of the system. Since Microsoft is already ending the services for XP soon, the older computers running the OS would become slow in booting up, and gradually become much slower in running programs as well. In addition to this, many people also experience slow shutting down issues in the computer running on XP. According to the technicians at the Microsoft tech support, many reasons account for such shutdown delays. These can be anything among incompatible hardware or device drivers, problems in closing background processes, conflicting software programs and even registry errors. In cases of slow shutdown delays, you would get a message that says Windows is Shutting Down or Windows is Logging Off.

In such cases, you can consider the following instructions to fix the Microsoft XP shut down hang up:

  • In the first step, you need to click on the Windows Start button and then right-click on My Computer. Now, you need to click on Properties and then choose the Advanced option. Now, you need to check the Start up and Recovery section and click on the Settings option.

    Device Drivers

    Microsoft Tech Updates

  • Now, you need to type 1 in the box next to the Time to display list of operating systems option. Now, you need to type in 1 in the box next to the Time to display recovery options when needed option and then click OK twice. This would help you to close the Windows menu system.
  • Once you closed the Windows menu system, go ahead and restart your computer. While rebooting, you can check if a long delay in logging off, shutting down or restarting still persists.

These steps would thus help you in fixing a Microsoft Windows XP shut down hang up issue. However, if you still face the same issue in your system, feel free to contact our Windows tech support team.

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Microsoft Releases A Cheaper Version Of The Office 365 Service

Get Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft is now ready with a series of software services, which include Office 365 Personal. Office 365 Personal is would be one of the most affordable options to get Microsoft Outlook on a multiple computer devices like your PC, tablet, etc.

About Microsoft Office 365 Personal

When Microsoft launched Office 365 for the first time, many people were not interested in it because of its unaffordable price tag. However, the product sold well as far as the corporate users are concerned. Now, Microsoft is trying to change the people’s perception that Office 365 is not meant for individual users. Microsoft announced lately that it was going to release an affordable version of Office 365. Dubbed Office 365 Personal, the new cheaper version of the product will be sold in the market for just $69.99 per year. So, you will need to spend as little as $6.99 per month to use this Office 365 version. A single license of the product will allow you to install it on two different devices – on a PC and a tablet. You are free to decide whether to install it on a desktop, laptop or Mac. Microsoft says that Office 365 Personal comes to the market at $69.99 making it $30 less expensive than Office 365 Home Premium though the latter allows the installation of the service on up to 5 devices.

About the Office 365 Personal features

With Office 365 Personal the users will not only get Microsoft Outlook and similar office services like Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, OneNote, PowerPoint, etc but also to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service. Along with the subscription, users are allowed to use up to 20GB of storage on the OneDrive. In addition to these, users can make free Skype calls (60 minutes) to people in 60 different countries (see the terms and conditions given in the official web page of Office 365 Personal).

Free use of Office online

OneDrive cloud storage service

Microsoft Office suite

Office 365 personal permits free use of Office online. This is a good way to compete with the Google Docs & Sheets. According to tech experts, Office 365 personal is the cheapest option available right now to get Microsoft Outlook and the Office suite apps in your computer devices.

Are you still not convinced about subscribing to Office 365 Personal? Get in touch with the customer service department for Office 365 Personal to find out more.

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