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Windows 8 was first launched into the international market in August, 2012. The operating system was said to comprise of a list of sophisticated and advanced features that could not be found in any of its prior versions. Be it the Metro UI screen, Charms bar or live tiles replacing icons, the amazingly unique features of Windows 8 were intended to provide a spectacular computing experience to the users.

However, things didn’t work as fine as foreseen by the software giant. The operating system, which looked to charm the customers as a whole, failed miserably in garnering appreciation. A large number of users started contacting the Microsoft tech support team to know how to run the OS simply because they found the features too complicating. The fact that Windows 8 did not have any basic features such as the Start Menu went against the popularity of the OS version. Many users even didn’t know how to perform the basic functions in their computer.

Several users who had already done the Windows 8 upgrade decided to switch back to the old Windows versions like XP and 7. The main reason was that these operating systems provided a much more user-friendly computing experience to the users and most of them found it much easier to run their systems on these OS versions. This affected Microsoft’s business to a great extent as far as the Windows 8 sales were concerned and as a result, several new competitors began to gain popularity in the market.

The company was forced to launch a tweaked in version of the Windows 8 OS, named as Windows 8.1. This OS version comprised of an option known as Start button, which was aimed at impressing the users who had dumped the touch-centric version due to the lack of the Start Menu. Several interesting features and useful applications were also included in the OS version but still, the company found it hard to retrieve the users.

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Eventually, Microsoft stopped providing mainstream support for Windows XP with the intention of increasing the user share of the touch centric versions. Even though this decision hardly had any effect on the XP users in the initial months, the scenario has finally started to change now. According to Microsoft tech support, over the last few months, Windows 8 and 8.1 user share has shown considerable improvement.

Since Microsoft Windows 10 is all set to get launched this year, it won’t be surprising if Microsoft introduces more such plans to make all its users move to the touch-centric OS versions.

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The Unique Features Of Windows 10 OS

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Windows 10 Tech Specifications

The general public has had enough exposure of the all new operating system, Windows 10 OS, scheduled to be released in January 2015. The marketing strategy employed by Microsoft is a series of surprises that intend to generate curiosity about the upcoming operating system. Microsoft skipped an entire number sequence and jumped straight to “10” instead of “9”. Along with that came the next major surprise, the new operating system will install with equal ease whether you install it in PC, smartphone or tablet. Due to the successful campaigning and the string of new features released in Microsoft Windows 10, many users have downloaded the Technical Preview version of OS released in September.

The truth is, the popularity behind the OS is no hype. The next operating system is truly futuristic, providing many different features previous Windows versions did not provide. The cherry on top, the interface is better than ever before, combining the best features of Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you are installing the OS in a touch-enabled device, you will be able to make use of the touch functionality. If not, the user interface changes to provide standard mouse and keyboard input.

Other advantage of the upcoming operating system is a common code platform for all Windows 10 devices. Due to this advantage, all Windows 10 devices can run the same App and can download Apps from the same App market. Unlike Windows 8’s user interface, which was a nightmare for new users and experienced users alike, Windows 10 users will have a deeper understanding of the interface and its capabilities. Contact our Microsoft tech support desk in order to receive the latest information about the various features of Windows 10 OS. Even Xbox gaming devices and smart TVs will be capable of running the OS.

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 OS

If you have not installed the technical preview, you can do so by heading over to the official Microsoft website and signing up using the Microsoft credentials. You will be able to download the preview version of the OS and test the different features yourself. Make sure you use a separate partition or download in a virtual environment instead of performing a fresh installation. The preview version, even the latest build, has many unsolved bugs. Microsoft has only released the PC version of the OS, so you cannot install them on other devices now.

Microsoft is all set for the next build some time in January 2015. To know the latest information about the upcoming Microsoft Windows 10 build, you can contact the Microsoft tech support desk.

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Solutions To Two Of The Most Common Windows 7 Problems

Microsoft Tech Support

Tech Support

If you are a Windows user, Windows 7 is an awesome operating system. But, there is no exception to the fact that like most Microsoft operating systems, it is no way perfect. There are some common Windows 7 issues, which irritate and some happens to be in the features. Any Windows 7 problem can be annoying and we cannot rest at peace without fixing them.

One of the most commonly reported Windows 7 issue includes compatibility with the older programs and really slow performance on low-end hardware.  The second one is the trouble with the Aero theme and its brilliant features. This Microsoft tech support article will help resolve two of these most common Windows 7 issues.

Windows 7 snailishly slow

The problem is that Windows 7 is hungry for resources, for the number of features it offers. Since it has many visual effects drawing heavily on your graphics card and system memory, the system can become slow. If this is the reason for your slow PC, you can easily fix that by turning off some of the unnecessary and visually superfluous features.

First, you need to go to Start and then enter performance in the Search field.

After that, you need to select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows from the results.

You will see that the Performance Options window will launch. Within Visual Effects, select Adjust for best performance.

Windows Aero Not functional

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Microsoft Windows 7 Issues

First, you need to ensure that your graphics card is supporting Aero. Then you need to check whether the graphics driver is up-to-date. But, in case your system already came with Windows 7, this should never be an issue.

After that, you will see that Aero could be disabled in your registry. Before you go on working with the checking and editing your registry, you need to be really careful. This Microsoft tech support article would like warn you against it, if you do not know how to do it. This is because editing the registry can cause permanent damage to your Windows installation. So, if you are doing something, you need to take the backup of your registry.

First, go to Start and the enter regedit in the search option. Open regedit and then navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM. You need to set the value of ‘EnableAeroPeek’ to 1, instead of 0.

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Skype And Lync Users Can Now Chat With Each Other

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Microsoft Skype Updates

Skype, Windows Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Microsoft Lync; four different software that provide similar services and all four are from Microsoft itself, causing confusion for many users. Here’s the real deal; Windows Messenger is the same old MSN messenger that got a face lift, an IM messenger app used by people to chat with their contacts. Windows Live Messenger superseded that and Microsoft Lync came in after that. Windows Live Messenger has given way for Skype presently.

Microsoft Lync is different from Windows Live Messenger because this software is enterprise software meant for business customers so they can interact with their customers and the like. Lync is bundled along with Office software suites like Microsoft office 365. Skype, on the other hand, is a previously third party VoIP and internet calling program that was recently acquired by Microsoft.

Now that the confusion is over, Microsoft has recently announced that Skype communications service as well as Microsoft Lync will soon receive an update enabling them to interoperate with each other. This means, Skype users will be able to contact users that run Microsoft Lync and vice-versa. The interoperability feature will be limited to IM and audio in the beginning and later will expand to support Video calling.

Once the full list of changes has been made, it will be rebranded as Skype for business available in Microsoft Office 365. This update will come to effect sometime in 2015. This means, Microsoft is killing yet another program designed by them and replacing it with Skype, Windows Live Messenger being the first one. To know more information about the same, contact Microsoft Tech Support.

Microsoft Office 365

Future Of Microsoft Skype

Users need not worry since nothing will change after these changes come into effect. The users will be able to call the same way as before. The Lync 2013 client is available for Android, iOS and Windows and all three platforms support video calling. In contrast, only Skype for Windows desktop supports video calling.

Microsoft had issued statements earlier saying that it will be expanding Skype to include Android and iOS. All these changes have been made, keeping in mind the increased security features that will be used in Skype soon. Enterprise class media encryption as well as TLS and SRTP signals will be enabled by default once Skype for business is released.

By introducing the industry standard H.264 SVC codec and default SILK audio codec, Microsoft aims to offer “a phenomenal balance between audio quality, bandwidth utilization and power consumption.” If you want to know the full list of features, contact the Microsoft Tech Support department.


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Procedure To Contact Tech Support For Microsoft Office

Microsoft Tech Support

    How To Contact Microsoft Tech Support

Microsoft Office suite is a collection of services and applications used for various business and office related purposes. There are many useful applications helping users in a variety of things such as for communication, organizing, scheduling, project management, information management, etc.  When there are so many possibilities for using the Office software, there are many doubts, issues and errors users might have to face concerning Microsoft Office programs. Microsoft Office Online offers many support services for the Office programs. However, in case you are not able to find what you need, you will be able to find the necessary information in the official website. The official Microsoft tech support website provides information on how to contact Microsoft Office by submitting questions and other problems, and getting useful responses online, via email or through phone.

Microsoft tech support Instructions

  • First, you need to go to Microsoft Office’s ‘Contact Us’ website. You will be easily able to find it in the internet
  • After that, you need to select the option that best suits your purpose or actual reason, for which you need to contact Microsoft Office. Most of the time, users will find the best option by clicking on the ‘Support for Microsoft Office Products’ link.
  • Then, you need to click on the program or suite that you have issues, confusions and questions about.
  • You can also look over the hot topics, which you will find listed on the next page. Actually, this might resolve the questions or issues you are having.

    Microsoft Office Suite

               Microsoft Tech Support Contact

  • You need to click on the question mark icon in the upper right corner for contacting a support person.
  • You will have to fill in the answers to the questions that appear on the next pages and then, click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • You can choose any one of three options available for contacting Microsoft Office: through email, telephone or via online. You will be provided the information, which is provided on each option on this page. You need to click on the links for sending requests through email or online or use the telephone number, which is listed for calling. You need to note that there are fees associated with such options.

When you are in Microsoft Extended Support, it actually refers to the phase of assistance provided by Microsoft Corporation for the software following the end of mainstream support or warranty and support period mentioned.

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