Microsoft Ends The Sales Of Windows 7 PCs To OEMs

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If you are planning to purchase a Windows 7 PC, then make it fast as the OEMs will no longer have access to the different models of Windows 7 operating systems like Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Home Premium. However, Microsoft has said that Windows 7 Professional version is still on offer for businesses or other users.

So, why has Microsoft decided to keep the sales of Windows 7 Professional still active? According to Microsoft tech support blogs, the modern user interface, touch interaction, start screen etc of Windows 8 has not gone well with the IT professionals and IT departments in organizations. They want something simpler to work with and Windows 7 Professional becomes their first choice.

Now, understanding the importance of a more user-friendly operating system, Microsoft has come up with Windows 10. The new operating system is more desktop centric rather than the touch centric Windows 8 operating system. The technical preview of the operating system is available for download from the official website of Microsoft.

With the technical preview of Windows 10 released, we can now expect the end of sales of Windows 7 Professional any time soon. The new operating system is expected to be released by the mid of next year. It is certain that Microsoft would end the support for Windows 7 Professional before this date.

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According to Patrick Moorhead, who is the principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, majority of the IT departments of organizations do not want to upgrade the PCs to Windows 8 and are waiting for the release of Windows 10. He also adds that OEMs are not much worried about the end of sales of Windows 7 versions, as majority of the PCs manufactured by the OEMs run on Windows 8.

However, Stephen Baker, who is the vice president of NPD Group says, “I think the OEMs are sad about this.” He adds, this is because “The ability to provide Windows 7 Home has provided a nice incremental sales opportunity to those who were nervous or unhappy about Windows 8, especially for the desktop market where Windows 7 has proven to be a nice alternative to Windows 8.”

As mentioned above, you can still purchase a Windows 7 PC if it comes preinstalled. However, you will be able to make this purchase only until the stocks last. For further information on the end of sales of Windows 7, you may contact Microsoft tech support or our technical support team.

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Microsoft Releases Updates For Dynamics CRM And ERP

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Microsoft has come up with updates for Dynamic CRM and ERP. The announcement about these updates were made earlier in June and now, the software giant has kept its word by releasing the updates with its rapid release cycle for CRM and ERP software.

The new updates are intended to bring in an enhanced customer experience. The updates will help to break down the silos between the marketing and sales departments. The new releases are designed to work better with cloud platform Microsoft Azure. The programs will also have much better integration with Office 365. In order to market the applications, Microsoft has decided to offer a 30 days free trial of Dynamics CRM 2015.

According to Bob Stutz, who is the corporate VP of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the new application is designed to aid better integration among the customer service, sales and marketing departments. For instance, with the new update, you will find a sales collaboration panel included and this brings the sales and marketing professionals to one page, which helps in better customer management.

CRM 2015 comes with a better user interface and features natural language capabilities. It is supported by the program Virtual Personal Assistant developed by Cortana. According to Microsoft tech support, the program also features integration with social listening analytics, integrated Lync webinars, interactive marketing calendar, support for email editing, graphical marketing workflow and support for A/B testing. The total number of languages supported by the program has rose to 44 with the addition of Russian and Japanese with the new update.

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Microsoft spokesperson says that the updates like this “help us to meet the evolving needs of businesses and organizations in different verticals and different geographies around the world.” “The needs of businesses are constantly changing and we want to keep pace with that. In a cloud-first world, businesses are increasingly moving to a services model and no longer expect releases to come every few years with major product launches.” He further adds, “We have responded with continuous innovation and more frequent updates on a regular and predicable cadence so our customers can get the latest features and capabilities and be able to deploy and implement in a way that gives them the most value.”

According to Microsoft tech support blogs, the company has already updated a few business solutions over the past few months like Dynamics GP 2015 and Dynamix AX. We have also seen the update for Dynamics NAV 2005 recently.

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Steps To Update Microsoft PowerPoint

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PowerPoint can be termed as a slide show presentation program developed by Microsoft and is available as a part of the Office suite of programs. Millions of users rely on the advanced features of PowerPoint to prepare their presentation for official purposes. Moreover, the Microsoft tech support can also be contacted anytime to fix issues related to this program.

Sometimes, users face issues in updating their PowerPoint application. If you face the same issue next time in your Windows 8 computer, just follow the instructions mentioned below before opting to contact the Microsoft tech support.

Turning on Automatic Updates

  • In the first step, you need to point the cursor to the lower-right corner of your Windows 8 screen and then click on the Settings option followed by Change PC Settings and then on Update and recovery.
  • Now, you need to choose the Choose how updates get installed option and then check Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates box, which you will find under the Recommended Updates heading.
  • Now, you need to place a check mark in the Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows check box and once done, click on Apply to save the changes.

Using Control Panel for Automatic Updates

  • You can also use the Control Panel option to turn on the Automatic Updates in PowerPoint. First, you need to close all the applications that are currently opened in Windows 8 computer. Now, click on Windows-X followed by Control Panel to launch the Control Panel application.

    Microsoft PowerPoint Application

              Microsoft PowerPoint Updates

  • In the next step, you need to choose the System and Security option and then Windows Update. This will help you to load the Windows Update configuration panel.
  • Once you see the Update panel, you need to click on the Change Settings link in the left pane and then check the drop-down menu located under the Important Updates heading. Here, click on the Install updates automatically option.
  • Make sure you place a check mark in the check box under the Microsoft Update heading. This will allow the automatic updates to turn on for all Microsoft products such as PowerPoint, every time Windows checks for updates.

These steps can help you to successfully update your Microsoft PowerPoint application. If you are still not able to update the application, do not worry. Please contact our tech support team to get the best assistance.

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Microsoft Releases Skype Web Client For Latest Browsers

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You might have all used Skype as a separate program in your computer. However, now the program is being introduced to the web browsers. With this, you can login to the online Skype account from a web browser and communicate with your contacts using video, voice chats or messages.

According to Microsoft tech support, in order to enable the voice and video capabilities, you will have to install a plugin in your browser. The new program is designed to work with internet browsers like Internet Explorer 10 and newer ones. It will also work on the latest versions of other browsers like OS X, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. For the time being, users will be able to make use of the service only after they receive an invitation from someone who already has access to the service.

It is expected that the plugin requirements would be temporary and soon, Microsoft would use the open web standards, which will enable users to make use of the program without the plug-ins. However, it is not as easy task since many disagreements about the streaming of audio and video files over the web exist at this point.

As of now, Firefox and Chrome has support for audio and video streaming. This has been enabled using an API called Web Real Time Communication. This API has been playing a major role in audio and video streaming capabilities. It also ensures interoperability related to the SIP based telephony systems. The development of this system is undertaken by World Wide Web, which is the major organization that sets up majority of the web standards.

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Now, the troubles can come up, as Microsoft and some of the other major players in the industry are not so interested in WebRTC. They say that WebRTC is too complex and that it is closely associated with SIP’s way of communication and call setup.

In order to avoid the same call setup system, Microsoft and others have come up with a different spec called ORTC or Object RTC, according to Microsoft tech support blogs. This spec has similar functions like WebRTC. Major players in the industry like Microsoft and Google are working on this spec. In addition, the representatives of other major companies are contributing to the development of this spec.

Microsoft chat support has already confirmed that it would soon be implementing ORTC in its browser, Internet Explorer. Google has also made it clear that it would be working on implementing it on its Chrome browser. It is hoped that if the spec are implemented on these two browsers, soon we might see more users in the web based Skype platform.


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OEMs Will No Longer Get Windows 7 - Report

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As per Microsoft tech support reports, October 31 is the last date for OEMs to build PCs preinstalled with Windows 7. It appears that Microsoft is adamant in its decision not to relax on its Windows 7 sale and support policy. Although Oct 31 was announced as the deadline for OEMs to build Windows 7 PCs, there was hope that Microsoft would amend its policy when the deadline exceeds.

Popular PC vendors like HP and Dell put clearance sale to sell out all Windows 7 PCs

The deadline has, however, been good news for the many customers as many of them could buy Windows 7 PCs from popular vendors like Dell and HP at relatively lower price ranges through clearance sale. In the month of October, HP went to the extent of offering PCs upto $100 to $150 off. The pressing discount offer was available for both desktops and laptops. During this period, it was reported that HP promoted Windows 7 over the latest OS versions: Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Vendors not willing to declare end data for Windows 7 PC sales

Interestingly, none of the vendors has declared the end data for the sale of Windows 7 despite Microsoft’s pressure on them to do so. Chances are higher that popular PC vendors like HP and Dell would continue to sell Windows 7 machines in future as long as there is a demand. As of now, there are few people who go for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. And until the new Windows 10 OS is released, the vendors have to sell Windows 7.

End of Windows 7 sale will increase piracy

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Meanwhile, a report shows that the Microsoft’s decision to end Windows 7 sale would give rise to large number of Windows 7 piracy issues or the spread of cracked OS versions. Vendors like Acer, Toshiba and HP sell machines without a preinstalled OS, giving users the chance to choose among their favourite operating systems. Once there are no more machines with a legitimate Windows 7 OS preinstalled, users who are determined to use Windows 7 will be left with no option but to depend on pirated or cracked Windows 7 OSs.

According to ZDNet, Windows 7 will be made available in future through retail outlets. However, this will be only until the stocks get over. Microsoft tech support for Windows 7 will be available until 2015 and extended support until 2020.



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