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It is heard that Microsoft is planning to end the support for its web browser Internet Explorer 8 in seventeen months. This is surprising as the company plans to end the support for the web browser a year earlier. Another thing to consider is that it is by far the most popular browser version released by Microsoft. Our sources in the Microsoft tech support desk have confirmed that the news is true and that the company would be providing only 17 more months of usage time for their most popular web browser.

Microsoft posted a list of all operating systems and browser versions that will be getting continued support and sadly, IE8 was not in the list. Director of Internet Explorer Roger Capriotti stated in his blog post saying, “After Jan. 12, 2016, only the most recent version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates. For example, customers using Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, or Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 SP1 should migrate to Internet Explorer 11 to continue receiving security updates and technical support.”

The news is a fatal blow to many businesses that were using the browser for so long. These businesses have not upgraded to the newer operating systems fearing that they would not be able to use their favorite browser and so these businesses would have to spend a fortune for using the internet, as they will have to upgrade their operating system too for accessing web. However, the good news is that Microsoft tech support team has confirmed that people who have already installed the browser in their systems will still be able to use the browser even though support will not be provided by Microsoft.

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The new news from Microsoft contradicts its own previous usage policy, which stated that the company would be providing support for web browser as long an operating system that has support for the web browser is supported. This means that IE8, which is supported by Windows Vista, should get support until 2017; however, the company plans to end the support for the web browser a year before in Jan of 2016.

According to the latest statistics, about 37 percent of IE users are still using the IE8 version and only 29% are using the latest version of the web browser, IE11. The main reason the company states for revoking support is to provide a better web experience for users through newer browsers.

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Why Not Become A Microsoft Certified Tech Support Personnel

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How many times have you contacted the Microsoft tech support personnel for fixing some OS problem or the other? They always have a solution to any technical problem that you might be facing in your operating system or software. Over the years, these tech support professionals have earned quite a reputation for themselves.

Becoming a Microsoft tech support professional

In fact, you can also become such a tech support professional yourself. All you need to do for this is to pass the official Microsoft Certification examination for the type of tech support services for their multiple software products and services. You can easily enrol for this certification programme online.

Microsoft operating systems and software products are used widely across the globe. So, becoming a Microsoft certified tech support personnel is indeed a smart career move. Their Enterprise and Office software products, which are designed for corporate customers are especially popular among business users. Consequently, the huge user base has increased the demand for expert tech support services, who know how to deal with errors in such Microsoft applications.

In fact, it is to cater to this huge demand that they have started their certification programme for tech support professionals. In these programmes, the aspirants will be made familiar with every aspect of the software product they are dealing with. For example, if you are specializing in Windows Server applications, then you should know how to install and setup Windows Server software, about setting up a network, troubleshooting steps, and so on. You can learn all this for free under the Microsoft’s certification course.

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Windows tech support website provides free tutorials and documentation covering many such topics. If you are interested, sign up online, and they will send you the links to different tutorials.

Yet even with all this knowledge, if you do not pass the Microsoft certification test, you are not going to find starting your career as a tech support personnel easy. But if you have a professional degree, your expertise in troubleshooting various Microsoft software products will definitely come handy in your IT career, where you are bound to come across at least one Microsoft software product in your organization.

Contact our Windows tech support team to find out more about these certification programmes, and learn how to enrol for one today.

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Advanced Features Of Windows 7 Ultimate

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Windows 7 is a successor to Windows Vista, which received a better response from users and critics than the latter. The reason for this reception is believed to be mainly that Microsoft actually lent their ear to the users when they had issues with Vista. Of course, when you look into the user interface and the security pop-ups, there was no significant change made. Even though some of the annoying features were not taken away, some of the betterments and Microsoft tech support in Windows 7 made it the most preferred OS among people.

Microsoft released many editions of Windows 7 right from Basic to Ultimate with advanced features. Here are some of the advanced features in Windows 7. This will give you an answer as to why people are considering a switch to Windows 7.

Direct Access

The direct access feature in Windows 7 is a welcome feature to many users who need to access remote systems very often. The features help people who manage security tokens in order to facilitate VPN or virtual private network access to access their systems in the office. This feature uses the IP versions such as IPsec and IPv6 in order to encrypt communication data effectively from a remote worker over the internet to the Direct Access server. When you look into the server requirements, it works best on Windows Server 2008.


AppLocker lets the system admin to limit the use of certain applications with the Group Policy. This feature with the help of a digital signature and publisher rules creates different rules. These rules manage different versions of an application while it still lets you update all the versions. With the aid of a full language support, AppLocker can extensively reduce the licensing and support costs. To sum up, AppLocker prevents users from accessing unauthorized applications.

Multi Language Support

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An attractive feature of Windows 7 is the ability to support the use of multiple languages. This is one of the boons to every support personnel, since he would be able to create a single Windows 7 OS image and install it on all the other computers with ease. This would significantly save time and money for the company.


An encryption program that can secure disk drives and disk partitions on Windows 7 is the BitLocker. The user needs to provide a password so that he can gain encryption access to a drive.

These are the major changes made in Windows 7 in comparison with Windows Vista. To get help on the different issues, Microsoft Tech support is available in the official website.

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All of you might be aware that Windows updates are very important for the smooth functioning of computers running on the OS. They are released by Microsoft regularly for its operating systems. Windows updates would include many important fixes for bugs and updates to enhance the security of your operating system. Now, one of the annoying experiences that you might encounter while installing Windows updates is the occurrence of errors. There could be many reasons for the pop up of these error messages. According to Microsoft tech support forums, there are certain things that you could do to fix this error message. Error pop ups You might have seen different errors while installing Windows updates. One of the common errors encountered by many Windows users is the Digital Signature Not Found error message. This error states that the update, which you are downloading, does not include a Microsoft signature. This error suggests that the update being installed may not work with the operating system. There are many other error messages that are associated with the cryptographic services. Reasons These errors can pop up due to a number of reasons. For instance, you might have set a wrong download policy in the computer. Sometimes, you might have chosen the option Do not allow installation when an update that does not have a digital signature is installed. Corruption of files is also a reason for the occurrence of this issue. Fixes One of the techniques to fix this issue is by setting the cryptographic service to automatic. Follow the steps below for this.

Update Issues

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  • Open the Start menu.
  • Choose the option Control Panel.
  • In the Control Panel window, double click and open the option for Administrative Tools.
  • Select the option Services.
  • Locate Cryptographic Services among the services listed in the window.
  • Right click Cryptographic Services and select the option Properties.
  • In the option for Startup Type, select Automatic.
  • Choose the option Start.

Once you complete the above steps, try to download and install the update again. You may receive a warning message stating that the update does not contain digital signature. However, you may continue with installing the updating by choosing the button Yes. Restart your computer once the installation finishes. Even if the above steps did not fix the Windows update issues, you may go through Microsoft tech support forums or contact our technical support team to fix the issue.

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Many SMBs And Users Still Using The Unsupported XP OS

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Microsoft, the leading software maker, has pulled the plug on the aging Windows operating system, Windows XP. This is old news, but that does not seem to be case for millions, who continue using the unsupported operating system. Many Windows XP users still prefer sticking with the thirteen year old operating system.

Windows XP end of life or end of support means the end of all kinds of support offered by the software giant, Microsoft Corporation. The operating system will not be receiving any more security patches. When hackers find OS vulnerabilities, there will not be any performance improvements or any other paid or free patches.  In other words, the operating system is as good as dead. Windows XP users are taking a risk in continuing with the same operating system. Hackers and malicious coders have been hovering around like a pack of vultures waiting for the aging OS to die and decay. Even before the end of support, Windows XP encountered numerous viruses like Trojan horses and other malicious codes. Just imagine what will happen with no tech support in the next few months. Windows XP users will have to spend much of their valuable time guarding their system against corruption and malware.

performance improvements

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Windows XP had its time, actually more than expected. Thirteen years of life for an OS is something commendable. However, that does not mean XP can continue to be in use. Like every software product, even XP is subject to product life cycle problems. Every software product has a life cycle and after reaching the end of support, the software is actually useless. Windows XP users seem to be in a denial mode here. Though it is difficult to accept, the truth is that Microsoft Windows XP has been removed from the list of supported products by the software giant, Microsoft. There is no Microsoft tech support, security updates and feature updates available.

Many SMBs have found the news of end of Microsoft tech support and end of life for Windows XP hard to swallow. Many business software products depend on Microsoft Windows XP for its successful functioning. Upgrading these software programs may prove to be costly. Many SMBs cannot afford the time, effort and money needed to be invested in training the staff and for upgrading to newer Operating System.

As hard as it may seem, the users will have to move on to newer operating systems now or anytime in the near future.

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