Fixing Server Error 550 In Windows Live Mail

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We make use of email clients to send and receive our email messages. There are different email applications that help us to perform these activities. There are different protocols that help us to send email messages. The most commonly used protocol is Simple Main Transfer Protocol. If you are using Windows Live Mail for sending your outgoing messages, what would you do if you encounter the 550 error?

The meaning of 550 errors is that the mail server of outgoing email does not respond to the requests that you have sent. As a basic troubleshooting step, you may try the Ping command and confirm whether the server is down or not. If you realize that the server is down; waiting for a few more minutes will start up the server and make it respond once again. If you have doubts regarding the error, contact Microsoft online help.

If you find that the basic troubleshooting is not working, you can contact Microsoft Online help and get their assistance fixing this issue. You may also follow the below instructions to get this done.

How to fix the the 550 error?

  • Select the Start button on Windows and select All programs. Now select Windows Live Mail icon that you find. Now the Windows Live Mail program will open up.
  • On your email account, right click the mouse and from the left, select Properties. Now a new window will open up, displaying the type of outgoing SMTP server that you have.
  • Select the Servers tab. Set up the SMTP server that you find on the text field that has label Outgoing mail(SMTP). Take a piece of paper and note down the SMTP server.

    550 error

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  • Now click on the Start button on the Windows desktop and in the search field, type Command Prompt and select Command Prompt. Most probably that would list as the first item. Now a new window will open up with Command Prompt. You may provide the command on the command lines.
  • On the command prompt type and hit Enter on your keyboard. If you receive the Request timed out message, it shows that you will not be able to connect to SMTP server.
  • Try sending an email message once again. It would take around 24 hours to complete the task.

If you find it difficult to fix the error, contact Microsoft Online help to get the error fixed. The support people at Microsoft Online help team will clear all your queries.