How To Keep Your Computer Free From Viruses

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No one wants his/her computer to be infected with malicious programs or viruses. One of the major reasons why viruses infect our computer is our negligence. According to Microsoft tech support, if you become a bit more cautious, you can easily avoid viruses from infecting your computer. Here, we will give you some guidelines so that you can keep your computer safe and secured from all external threats.

Links in emails

What will you do if you receive an email from an unknown sender and it includes a link? You might be eager to find out where the link takes you. However, this can prove to be dangerous. Whenever you receive an email from an unknown sender that contains links, the best option is to delete it without clicking the link. This will ensure that your web browser does not take you to a malicious website or download a malicious program by clicking this link.

Turn on security features

Make sure that your computer has all the security features turned on. One such important feature that needs to be turned on is the Windows Firewall. Go to the Control Panel menu of your computer and open the icon for Windows Firewall to find out its status. If it is turned off, turn it on.

Security updates

Make sure that your Windows computer receives all the security updates. For this, turn on the Windows update feature in the computer. Look for the security updates, download and install them as and when they are available.

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Update antivirus programs

Most of you might have installed antivirus programs in your computer. However, merely installing the antivirus program is not enough. It is important to ensure the smooth running of this antivirus program and update it regularly. This is because newer threats pop up each day and therefore, the database of your antivirus program needs to be updated accordingly.

Scan external media

You might be using pen drives, external hard disks etc. to transfer data. However, it is advisable that you scan these media each time you plug it into your computer. This will help users prevent the attack of viruses that could be hidden in such devices.

Keep in mind that all these simple steps will ensure that the data in your computer is kept safe and secure. You may contact Microsoft tech support or our technical support team if you encounter any virus issues on your computer.