Microsoft To Offer Free Xbox One Unity Add-Ons

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Microsoft’s acquisition of Unity’s Xbox gaming console made big news in the past. But it seems that Xbox lovers have still more to rejoice. Lately, it has been reported that Microsoft has clear plans to offer Xbox One Unity add-on free to its latest gaming device users. Notwithstanding the fact that most people had great expectation over the partnership between Unity and Microsoft, no one had ever expected that it would bring about a free Xbox One Unity add-on.

In a recent blog post published, the director of ID@Xbox, Chris Charla stated that, “We talked internally at ID@Xbox about ways we could help developers for Xbox One.” The joint venture of Microsoft and Unity has plans for paying for Unity licenses to some of the developers.

One may not expect anything grater to happen for Microsoft or Xbox over the free offering of the add-on. However, a closer examination of the decision would help one infer that the decision would be beneficial for them over a period of time, let alone Microsoft tech support.

Self publishing to Xbox One

In an earlier press release, the joint venture had decided not to permit self-publishing to Xbox One. However, the plan was flipped later on to launch ID@Xbox that introduced self-publishing abilities. On a further level, it even compromised on providing tech support. It is quite clear that Microsoft is attempting desperately to win the confidence of Indie devs, and it should be acknowledged that the efforts turn out to be fruitful to a greater extent.

What is Unity?

Considering Unity, it is a cross-platform game engine that has been acquired recently by the software giant Microsoft. The best part of Unity is that, it is more than a game engine; it doubles up as development software using which users can develop or release games for multiple platforms.

Xbox One Unity add-on

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However, we will have to wait until 2014 to witness the launch of Xbox One in its full form; as a search engine as well as a development engine. The development software of Xbox One would be capable of handling and supporting every element of the gaming console. Moreover, users can avail Microsoft tech support in times of technical issues with the device.

As part of the program, Microsoft has also plans to offer free Xbox One Unity Pro seat licenses. However, there is not much data about the plans either. Let us hope to hear about it soon.