Microsoft To Get New Worldwide Support VP As Vet Gordon Departs

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According to CRN, a popular news network site, Vet Gordon VP of Microsoft tech support is bidding good-bye to the Silicon Valley Company after about a decade of service. It was later confirmed by Microsoft that indeed Gordon is moving out and the date of leaving is known to be September 4. According to Microsoft, Vet Gordon will be replaced by Kirsten Kliphouse, VP of Microsoft’s U.S. East Region Enterprise & Partner Group.

From a reliable source, we were able to know that Gordon will be going to the EMC Corporation, a multinational company that offers cloud computing and other computing services. However, it is not for sure, as neither Gordon nor the EMC Corporation has commented on the news, citing it as a mere rumor. Considering Gordon’s experience in the Microsoft Corporation, if he is to join the EMC, a high and powerful post awaits him that may be of the senior VP.

Gordon’s journey with Microsoft started in 2003 when she joined the firm as vice president of Global Accounts. Since 2009, she is running the worldwide Microsoft tech support. Before joining Microsoft, she served 19 years in Sun Microsystems and she was made the vice president of worldwide sales of software under Sun’s Executive Vice President Jonathan Schwartz.

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Gordon described her philosophy in the job as in a YouTube video as her job was to act as a canary in  a coal mine and to take the voice of the customers to the company, which she accomplished successfully in all these years. Gordon was also known for her free thoughts and she even made headlines by saying that Google had a foolproof system in customer support and even congratulated them for that.

Due to her efficient interactions and changes, she was able to reduce the number of support calls for Windows 7 for its customers as they got support from various support forums and twitter. This was a great achievement for her, but Gordon’s job became complex when the new Windows 8 OS was released with great changes in user interface.

The successor of Gordon has a great fame and name to carry on, luckily for Microsoft, Kliphouse do possesses the skills to manage the customer support of the world’s largest operating system developer.

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