Microsoft tech support for selecting updates in Windows Vista

Windows update is an easy and free way which will help you in keeping your PC safer and ensuring its smooth running. You just need to enable it and you will be getting all the important updates and latest security patches from Microsoft automatically.

There is a Windows update application pre-installed on your Windows operating system which performs this task beautifully. You can access this application through the control panel. Just turn it on and forget about the updates which will be taken care of by the application.

Updates will mostly be from Microsoft; however, there are some third-party vendors who push their updates through Windows update service. So if you are so cautious about what is been installed on your computer, turn off the automatic update feature and do it manually by selecting only those updates that you need. This article contains Microsoft tech support instructions for doing the same.

Microsoft tech support instructions

Follow the instructions mentioned below and you will be able to select updates for your Windows Vista operating system.

  1. Kick off with this procedure by clicking on the Windows “Start” button to bring up the start menu. Alternatively, you can press the button on your keyboard with Windows logo on it.
  2. Type “Windows Update” in the search bar located on your start menu. Open the Windows update s
  3. ervice by pressing the “Enter” key.
  4. Click on the option which says “Check For Updates” located in the left pane. Wait till the application locates the latest updates on Microsoft’s server.
  5. Now click on the option labeled “View Available Updates” located under “Install Updates” b
  6.  Go through the list of available updates. Double click on each updates to view more information about it. Decide on which all updates that you want to install. Unmark the check boxes of those updates that you wish to omit. Keep the check of boxes of updates you want to install marked.
  7. Hit the button labeled “Install” and the Windows update application will automatically download and install those applications selected by you. At the end, a message will appear informing whether the update was successful or not.

That’s all with the Microsoft tech support instructions for choosing updates in Windows Vista operating system.